The Oil & Gas industry requires very high performance pump systems, and it is one of the main markets for our company. Reliability, efficiency and high performance are basic requirements of this industry, and 3P Prinz can perfectly meet these needs. In many cases, offshore extraction platforms are located in remote areas, under very heavy workloads, and in often extreme conditions. 3P Prinz designs and manufactures its own range of pumps fully complying with specific customer requirements. During the design phase, the ‘company carefully analyzes not only the types of liquid, but also the climatic conditions, ambient temperature, dynamic loads, etc.

All different components and materials used and auxiliary accessories are compatible with regulations in each industry, and take into account operating temperatures, installation environments, dynamic loads, and location. 3P Prinz can offer much cheaper solutions than competitors when superalloys are required in order to avoid corrosion phenomena. The pumps are available in all kinds of materials: cast iron, carbon steel, high-quality special alloys such as titanium, Hastelloy™ (an alloy of nickel, chromium, molybdenum and other chemical elements that is highly resistant to corrosion and attack by acidic agents), duplex and superduplex stainless steels. 3P Prinz on request can supply pumps fully in accordance with “API Specification“.

Ocean mining platforms & FPSOs (Floating production storage offloading units) and onshore.

The upstream sector of the oil and gas industry includes all stages involved from preliminary exploration through extraction of the resource. Upstream companies may be involved in all stages of this phase of the oil and gas industry life cycle, or they may be involved in only part of the upstream sector.

Transportation of hydrocarbons, pipelines, loading/unloading terminals, etc.

Midstream activities are commonly included as part of other operations for much of the global oil and gas industry. Midstream and downstream activities take place after the initial production phase, known as upstream, and up to the final point of sale. Many oil and gas companies are considered integrated because of their ability to combine upstream, midstream and downstream activities as part of their overall operations.

Mainly all crude oil refining and natural gas purification industry to obtain the final product for the customer (e.g., kerosene).

The downstream process is the one that provides the most closely related products to consumers and is the sector of the oil and gas industry that people can relate to the most. Some of these products include liquefied natural gas, gasoline, fuel oil, synthetic rubber, plastics, lubricants, antifreeze, fertilizers and pesticides.


Our production and distribution provides all-around solutions, from complete pumps and also:

  1. Skids with base frames or custom skids for assembly and transportation
  2. Instrumentation
  3. On-skid piping with valves
  4. Control equipment
  5. Auxiliary equipment

On-site installation and support, start-up | Review of specifications | Complete and detailed designs

We provide operators and engineers for on-site installation and startup of all our pump packages and complete pumping systems. In case the customer prefers to do the installation and startup themselves, we provide a complete IOM with customized CAD drawings and teleconference training.