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We build pumps that work the way you wish they would. They are proven and well established pumps in the market.
Their design is modular with a high degree of interchangeability of parts between the pumps and their variants, inside the same family.
Each pump can be customized for a specific application allowing the customer to be served in an optimal way.
3P Prinz supplies to the customers a full range of Pompe 3P documentation and certification depending on needs ; Atex, Material traceability 2.1, 2.2, 3.1 or 3.2.
On request special tests like Noise level test and Vibration test.

Hollow Disk Turbik series

"Series Turbik" Applications

Marine, Shipbuilding

3p Prinz Hollow Disk Pumps


Pump Type Hollow disk Pump
Series Turbik
DN suction 1" 1/2 DN supply 1"
Flow rate [m3/h] 3
Max. pressures [bar] 4
Max. temperatures [°C] 100
Rotation speed [RPM] 950
Viscosity [cSt.] 3,000

3P Prinz Model Turbik

The hollow rotary disk Turbik series, during its rotary-oscillating motion, causes a vacuum sucking the fluid inside the pump; in the meantime it pushes the fluid already present in the chamber to the downstream pipe. Because of their particular features, 3P Prinz hollow disk pumps are indicated for pumping liquids with low, medium, high or very high viscosity even in presence of moderate contents of solid particles in suspension.

The scope of supply is not limited to the pumps
3P Prinz can supply also:

  1. Skid type base frames or custom skid mounted
  2. Instrumentation
  3. On-skid piping with valves
  4. Control equipment
  5. Auxiliary equipment

Special Executions and Materials
3P Prinz is able to manufacture the entire range of products with special materials for pump wetted parts.
Starting from Cast iron to all the special Alloys, like Inconel ®, Hastelloy ®, Alloy 20 or Duplex / Super Duplex. The material selection depends from the service fluid, the temperature and the external environment.
Pumps design life is due to the right materials selection.

Main Construction Characteristic :

  1. Self Priming without any auxiliary devices
  2. Disk’s Elasticity
  3. Low operating speed
  4. Reverse flow by operating in reverse rotation and keep constant capacity

Chemical Industry
concentrated acid & alkaline solutions
Petrochemical Industry
heavy & light hydrocarbons
all oils
Food & Beverage
animal & vegetable oils & fats
fruit juices, pastes & syrups
sugars & molasses
Paints Manufacturing
colouring & pigmented pastes
Marine & Shipbuilding
mud, sludge, ooze
recycled oil
waste oil
Pulp & Paper
acid water
fuel oils
caustic soda

Casing Trim and Wetted Parts
Cast iron Carbon steel
Stainless steel Stainless steel
Duplex and Super Duplex Duplex and Super Duplex
Inconel® Inconel®
Hastelloy Hastelloy
Nickel-Aluminium bronze Nickel-Aluminium bronze
  Monel K
  HVOF Spray Coated
Note: Other Alloys on request
Certification Electrical Group:
On Products CE and ATEX standards
CE Standard UL and ATEX standards
On request ATEX and / or API NEMA standard
  Others on request (Diesel)
On Components:  
ISO EN 10204-2.1  
ISO EN 10204-2.2  
ISO EN 10204-3.1  
ISO EN 10204-3.2  
On Request
Magnetic Drive
Total absence of any liquid leakage thanks to the magnetic drive. Suitable for dangerous and toxic media
- In accordance with API standard
- High Pressure Version (20 Barg)
- Custom Made Enclosure
- Special Execution for low or high Temperature and / or Ambient Temperature
- Executions with a double seal combination with flushing or recirculation in accordance with the required API PLANS

1) Choice of the number of revolutions of the pump
The tables below, based on the viscosity of the fluid, are giving optimal revolutions that the pump must make in percentage of the number of revolutions standard. If the viscosity is less than 30 ° E, the spins correspond to the optimum RPM standard.
3P - 25 M 1" 320        
3P - 35 M 1" 1/4 320        
3P - 50 M 2" 270        
3P - 60 M 2" 1/2 270        
3P - 80 M 3" 270        
3P - 100 M 4" 270   3P - 225 MN 4" 320
3P - 80 D 4" 340        
3P - 100 D 5" 300   3P - 225 DN 5" 360
3P - 125 D 6" 255        
3P - 160 D 8" 230        
Revolutions has to make the pump in % of the standard rpm.
Viscosity of the liquid in (cSt.)
2) Calculation of flow rate and power consumption
After finding the optimal number of turns, you go to see the tables below to determine the size of the pump, the actual flow rate and power consumption, depending on the total manometric head.
3) Choice of construction materials
All components of both the pumps that the seals can be constructed in different materials, depending on the chemical and mechanical characteristics of the fluid to be pumped.
Those normally used are the following:
Base: Cast Iron, Bronze , Cast Iron/Nickel
Body: Cast Iron, Bronze , Cast Iron/Nickel, Stainless Steel
Supports: Cast Iron, Bronze , Cast Iron/Nickel
Cover: Cast Iron , Bronze , Cast Iron/Nickel, Stainless Steel
Impeller: Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel-plated steel
Shaft: Steel, Stainless Steel,
Bushings: Bronze , Cast Iron Nickel
Shirt: Stainless Steel, Chrome Steel
Gaskets seal: Viton , PTFE
Rotating ring seal: Graphite , Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide
Stationary seal ring: Stainless Steel , Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide
Special versions can be supplied on request

Performance curve

Hollow Pumps Range

  • Hollow Disk Series

    Pump D Series

    These pumps, with two impellers, are ideal to transfer fluids with medium and high viscosity and are designed to be used with tubes, valves, fittings, etc.

  • Hollow Disk Series

    Pump M series

    This type of pump with single impeller is ideal to transfer liquid with medium, high and very high viscosity containing also small amounts of suspended solids.

  • Hollow Disk Series

    Pump M series inspectable

    This type of pump with special design to enable internal inspection, is ideal to transfer liquid with medium, high and very high viscosity.

  • Hollow Disk Series

    Pump CN MN DN Seies

    Pumps with one or two impellers equipped with external bearings and special innovative and patented technical features, which enable these pumps to be widely employed in fields with special plant requirements.

  • Hollow Disk Series

    Pump Turbik Series

    These pumps, are ideal to transfer fluids with medium and high viscosity and are designed to be used with tubes, valves, fittings, etc.